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  • NanoBrook Particle & Zeta Potential Analysis

    NanoBrook Particle & Zeta Potential Analysis

    Many natural and manufactured products involve particulate materials either in their final state or at some stage in their production. Particle size and particle size distribution are, therefore, often critically important parameters. At the simplest level, information on particle size can help maintain a more consistent product, enhancing end-user value and profitability. At a more complex level, careful control of particle size can reduce the need for in-process modifications and reworking, so making products more competitive. The presence of protein aggregates can ruin a pharmaceutical preparation.
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  • Particle Characterisation

    Particle Characterisation

    Brookhaven Instruments use advanced light scattering techniques to analyze the properties of particles including size, shape, surface charge, and more. AutoTitrators, Research Goniometers, Disc Centrifuge Particle Size Distribution Analyzer's, Molecular Weight Instruments, Dielectric Constant Meters and their accessories and software suites offering a complete solution to Particle Characterisation Instrumentation
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