Clarke Hess

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  • Clarke-Hess Model 2600 Phase Angle Voltmeter

    The Model 2600 Phase Angle Voltmeter replaces the very popular Model 2500A. With the latest and most advanced DSP technology, this instrument provides a new level of performance and user friendliness.The Model 2600 Phase Angle Voltmeter makes measurements of Phase Angle, In-Phase, Quadrature, Fundamental and Total a breeze. In Vector mode, 4 out of 5 of these parameters can be displayed simultaneously, includes a built-in oscilloscope for viewing input waveforms. By using an external shunt, it can also, measure Power, Power Factor, THD, Harmonics, and Impedance.

    Isolated inputs allow null, ratio and gain measurements of key parameters and a reference offset facilitates bridging measurements and including a Sensitive Null Meter. Optional on-board reference generator has plenty of power to drive most LVDT/Synchro references. This feature eliminates the need for an external reference; although the unit can be used with an external generator if so desired. The Model 2600 also includes pre-defined LVDT/RVDT functions such as (A-B)/(A+B) and (A-B)/Ref. The optional third channel allows (A-B)/(A+B), in phase, QUAD and phase angle measurements to be made with respect to the oscillator input.

    • Isolated Inputs
    • 0.010º Phase Accuracy
    • 0.001º Phase Resolution
    • On Board 15VA Reference Generator(Optional)
    • True LVDT with third Channel Capability
    • Graphical Color Display
    • Interface: IEEE-488, USB
  • Clarke-Hess Model M151 Current Source

    Model Clarke Hess Model M151 is a stable high current calibrator up to 120 A. Basic accuracy is 0.035 %. This Instrument can be controlled via RS232 or GPIB interface. The Model M151 Calibrator can work in a simulated amplifier mode to increase current ranges of any Multifunction Calibrator. It is suitable for power meter calibration because it can be synchronized with the input signal not only in amplitude but also in frequency and phase. Current terminals are isolated up to 450 Vpk against the case (protective earth).

    • Current Range: 8mA to 120A (AC/DC)
    • Frequency Range: 15Hz to 1kHz
    • Accuracy:0.035%
    • Simulated Current and Transconductance Amplifier
    • Output capability 8 Vpk
    • RS232, IEEE488 (SCPI)